Can I Use a Finch Cage for Another Bird?

Can I Use a Finch Cage for Another Bird?

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Gloria W. would like to know:


My female 3 yr old bird seems afraid of heights.


I have bought her 3 different cages as she’s aged and the latest is maybe 20 long 18 wide and 30 high.


Would a flight cage for finches be ok for her?


I’m looking at one 30″ long 18″ wide and 18″ tall.


No room for a BIG cage





Dear Gloria


What kind of bird are you trying to house?


As long as she is a small to small medium-sized bird (conure, caique, ringneck, cockatiel, budgie, etc) then yes a cage suitable for finches would work.

Cages for small birds tend to be wire, not wrought iron, and the typical bar spacing would be 1/2″, all would be fine.


Thank you so much.


Yes, parakeet.


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