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Can My Quaker and Lovebird Share a Cage?

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Sharyl R. asks about birds sharing a single cage.


I have a Quaker and a lovebird and they are inseparable.


They have recently become roommates.



Their cages are next to each other with doors kept open.


They stay in the Quakers cage, Kas.


Is it ok to keep them together?


My Quaker does get aggressive if I go to get Jelly, my lovebird.


Hi Sharyl,

” My Quaker does get aggressive if I go to get Jelly, my lovebird.” should be your guide.


It’s best to keep them in separate cages at least at night.


In most situations, a cage with a quaker and lovebird would not be considered a good idea.


Birds of larger differences in size and nature have bonded and became cage mates but it is not the norm.

They are both aggressive birds, but the quaker could cause the lovebird more harm if it wanted to.


That you already see aggressive behavior from the quaker when you reach for the lovebird is a tell that they should always have the option of separation if desired.


A bad reaction or night-frights could create chaos in a shared cage during night darkness.




Thank you time and for your quick response. I will keep them caged separately. 


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