Do You Have a Recommendation for the Best Pionus Parrot Food?

Do You Have a Recommendation for the Best Pionus Parrot Food?

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Judith S. seeks a reco,

Dear Judy

Pionus parrots are small but beefy little birds that fit in between most ready-made bird food mixes. They would enjoy a blend made for medium to larger parrots (amazons, greys), but may have problems with the larger pieces like almonds in the shell.

If fed a smaller mix slated for Conures there may be too many tiny seeds like millet that won’t be eaten as much.

Our group of also in-between-sized-birds (African Ringneck, Quaker, and Senegal all are served well with this mix.

Higgins Safflower Gold Parrot.

It is a nice mix without too much big stuff other than a few almonds in the shell that we can either remove or crack open for them.

We especially like Higgins Safflower Gold as it has no sunflower seeds either. We have found that if a mix has sunflower seeds it encourages raking through the dishes as they continue to look for that last elusive sunflower seed. If they are not part of the mix the birds tend to not do this wasteful and annoying process.

However, if you do want some sunflower seeds in their mix then Higgins Sunburst Parrot works well with the same bird size range. Again, you may need to crack open the almonds in the shell for them.

We’re here should you require additional help.


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