Feathered Funnies @ Windy City Parrot

Feathered Funnies @ Windy City Parrot

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What will our parents say
about dating outside our species?


african grey anf blue front amazon cuddling

“for my next trick you’ll see, there’s nothing up my wing”

"for my next trick youll see there's nothing up my wing"And they say birds are messy

child in hi chair covered in spahgetti with lovebird on high chair try

The cat did it!

rose breasted cockatoo notebook computer with many key removed

I didn’t promise to friend you
even if you gave me my own computer

blue & gold macaw parrot on brancnh sticking out form notebook computer screen

Dude the stalking has to stop


He thinks it was the Red Bull

bird with outstretched wings with other parrot thinking "he thinks he got them from Red Bull"

Katie thought liberal arts education
with a minor in art would help her career

cockatiel on human hand drawingTen bucks at the Hair Cuttery

close up major mitches cockatoo

The problem with Gary Kasperov and chess

boy budgie chess


Mitch Rezman

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