Follow up – Scott and Buddy

Follow up – Scott and Buddy

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This is a follow up to the post:


How Can We Slow Our Cockatiel’s Flight?


Hey Mitch:


So as a follow-up to our question about getting our afterburner equipped Gray Cockatiel safely acclimated to free flight in a large lanai, a follow-up.

To recap, Buddy more than anything wanted to be included in being outdoors in our lanai with the rest of his flock. We would be outside in the lanai and Buddy would still be in the house due to our fear of his getting injured if he freaked out and flew full boogie into a lanai screen.


Well, we just went all in and brought him outside on his *very familiar* Manzanita tree play top, he was perfect hanging with his flock, he took a couple of short “exploratory” flights always returning to what was familiar.


To paraphrase, you suggested that if Buddy were to freak out and hit a screen he’d likely be fine and that you were spot on! Couple of weeks ago (before it got cold here in Florida) a Red-Shouldered Hawk flew through and freaked all our birds out. Buddy went full throttle into the screens between 6 and 7 times, he suffered an almost microscopic abrasion to his cere. He went back to his tree, preened then ate for about 15 minutes.


Btw, in the menu for your “Parrot Breakfast Brunch,” you mention Bagels and Cream Cheese but no Lox? OMG, no Lox?? That’s unthinkable!! Not the crappy low sodium stuff but real Nova Lox. That’s akin to great pizza without anchovies!






Appreciate the feedback Scott – it’s great to see Buddy’s progress and resilience.

FYI $4 @ Aldi

Aldi Specially Selected Cold Smoked Salmon


I have bagel and lox on the weekend – lox eggs and onion omelet mid-week –


my shikse wife won’t touch it – more for me.


Take care.

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