Higgins Bird Food Information Founder Mr Ignacio Perea, Sr.
perea founder of higgins bird food

Higgins Bird Food Information Founder Mr Ignacio Perea, Sr.

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All diets are:

  • Triple Air Cleaned (for delicate respiratory air sacs of birds).
  • Subject To Top Quality Control By Our Qualified Avian Experts And Nutritionists.
  • Double laminated Air Out (TM) nitrogen flushed poly bags.
  • Tested And Researched – Each batch of Nederlands Vita Seed is analyzed and tested in our laboratories, thus insuring you excellent and consistent quality control.At 

Higgins Premium Pet Foods, our primary mission is to produce the healthiest, natural diets and treats for your feathered or furry pets. We formulate our premium seed blends with unique and exotic ingredients from the highest quality sources around the world. All of our foods and treats are free of any chemical preservatives.

Our premium dehydrated fruits and nuts are the same that you would find at your top grocery stores. You’ll be tempted to eat those plump raisins and sweet papaya, but please save some for your bird!

Higgins Premium Pet Foods is a family owned and operated company located in tropical Miami, Florida. We began formulating super premium, companion bird and small animal foods over 35 years ago. Our state-of-the art, automated production mill was designed to insure unparalleled quality.

All our seeds are quadruple air washed to reduce particles that can cause respiratory problems and produce the cleanest blends on the market. All our human grade fruits, nuts, vegetables and other perishable ingredients are kept in cold storage until they are ready to be mixed for your pet’s pleasure.

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All of our foods and treats are free of artificial preservatives and are packaged with a “Best Use By” Date to insure that you’re getting the freshest foods possible.
The founder of The Higgins Group Corp. is Mr Ignacio Perea, Sr.
As an ornithologist and breeder he experienced many difficulties in his aviaries such as low fertility, irregular growth and feathering, deaths of embryos in the eggs, weak and insufficiently structured bones and legs, short life expectancy, non-feeding hens, diseases, etc.

After long and extensive research in his own aviaries, he came to the conclusion that 90% of all problems were associated with nutrition, feeding and poor quality of seed mixes.
Based on his experience and practical research, he formulated specially balanced diets for each group of birds.

Nederlands Vita Seed TM was developed after many years of scientific avian research in our laboratories and aviaries. Avian nutrition is a very complex science. Our Avian biochemists are qualified to prepare these diets with specific formulas for each species of birds. Through many years of experimenting and testing hundreds of formulas, we have achieved a complete nutritional and balanced diet.

During all these years of research, we have learned that no bird can live a healthy productive life of scratch plain seeds alone. Through studying and observing their natural habitat, we have learned how and why Mother Nature feeds birds as she does. In the wild they are taught by their parents to live and reproduce on seeds, bugs, insects, fresh greens, natural fruits, nectar and pollen. In captivity they are mostly fed nothing but scratch plain seeds and household food.

They are not only stripped of their nutritional value, but they lack vitamins, minerals and hormones in proper proportion, necessary for a long, healthy and productive life. By feeding the Nederlands Vita Seed diets, you will provide your birds with all the necessary growth and maintenance elements lacking now in different proportions in seed mixes. 

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