How Do I Rescue Someone Else’s Macaw?

How Do I Rescue Someone Else’s Macaw?

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Shelly A. wants to help another owner’s macaw


There is a greenhouse that changed hands a year ago, and they have a Macaw named Baby, in a chain link dog kennel type enclosure with one toy, no perches, no real interaction, and lives on parrot kibble like a stray dog. 


I’ve spoken with an employee, but Baby doesn’t have an owner, just a business bird that nobody really takes care of.


The employees do the best they can, I just recently moved into this area or I would have done something sooner.


From what I understand Baby has lived in the greenhouse with a small rusty cage in the kennel enclosure. 


I’m taking some homemade frozen parrot food since I do have Tiki the Timneh African Grey here with me. 


Will arrange a meeting with the business owners about proper housing, stimulation, showers, food, toys, and see what I can do to Improve Baby’s life. 


I’ll see if the owners of the business are interested in maintaining a proper home for this poor Baby.



Hi Shelly,


Altruism is always good to express.


If you have the time and money to enrich the bird’s life go for it.


You neglected to mention the macaw species which would be interesting to learn.


The Ultimate List Of 43 Macaw Species With A Focus On Large Macaws


You’ll need a strategy to determine if you can handle the bird and how you will access the cage without the bird taking flight.


I’m sure the bird will enjoy homemade frozen parrot food for the new tastes and textures but the parrot kibble must remain in the diet as that’s what provides protein to the bird whereas your chop has little to none – FYI.


At-the-end-of-the-day kibble is pellets and pellets are kibble.


Best of luck in your venture – keep us informed and please send a video of your progress.




Hi Mitch,


Thanks for your reply.


I’ve cut a large branch from one of my fruitless mulberry trees and put it in the cage because the Macaw only has PVC pipes and a rebar swing to stand on besides the chain link fence.

There is a large birdcage in the enclosure with a metal flat top and that is where the food and water sit.


I met the owner of the greenhouse yesterday about putting more wooden perches up for the parrot and I took down the rebar swing.


She was pretty defensive, but I stated that the parrot has a callus or blister that I observed on one of its feet.


Stephanie the greenhouse owner stated that they do take Baby the blue and gold macaw to a vet every six months, and she’d have the vet take a look at the bird’s feet.


The tree branch I put in there is about 6′ long and around 3″ – 4″ around. They will secure the branch with wire, or I will do that during one of my visits.


Baby the macaw, has lived in the greenhouse for around 27 years, and there was no kibble in his diet.


They were feeding it a mixture of sunflower seeds and dried fruit and veggies.


Stephanie the owner said they were going to change his diet and add Zupreem pellets at the vet’s suggestion.


Better late than never.


I’ve purchased a large Prevue toy with hardwood pieces and ropes and the poor parrot is happy to have that.


I don’t want to provide them with toys and perches but will see if I can persuade the owner to purchase a suitable swing and more of everything.


I got a pretty good finger bite yesterday feeding Baby shelled almonds, trying to befriend the parrot.


Will be more cautious in the future.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.




Shelly A



I’m not surprised by the store owner’s reaction, you’ll see how it goes, Shelly.


Mulberry is a safe wood for birds but it should be sanitized before offering it to a pet bird because of possible biohazards like migrating bird poop and squirrel urine – FYI.


Rather than offering Baby a small nut with her large beak, place the treat in a stainless steel cup and just watch to see if she tries to make an end-run for an exposed finger.


Best of luck



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