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How Do I Stop My African Grey From Guarding His Cage Door?

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I would like to know how I can get my male Timneh not to be too territorial around his cage cause he’s a real sweetheart and a mush when he’s not guarding his cage door.

He will be 7 in June.


Thank you.





Hi Barbara


Try putting a grooming perch on the inside of the cage door.


African ringneck parakeet on grooming perch attached to bird cage door


This allows the bird to be on the cage without being in the cage.


We use a grooming perch so the bird can do a little happy dance when getting out of the cage trimming the nails and possibly the beak.


Additional “door” perches can be introduced until you find the right set up.


African ringneck parrot in cage with door open grooming perch on inside of door


Keto our rescue ringneck


I would need to see an image of the entire cage to better assess and make suggestions.


Happy holidays


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