How Does Natra Spray Improve My Bird’s Feather Quality?

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Steve S. asks:


Have you ever used Natra Pet bird bath spray on your birds?


I have a 14-year-old male cockatiel who seems to be preening more than usual since his last molt.


He has been on Harrison’s High Potency Super Fine his entire life until this year when he needed a toenail trim.


My regular vet was closed due to the pandemic and I took him to Doctor Sue Orosz for the ‘pedicure’ and well-bird checkup.


It was suggested that I switch to Adult Lifetime Super Fine or Lafeber Nutri-Berries and Avi-Cakes.


I bought Avi-Cakes and many flavors of Nutri-Berries, but my fussy eater (Angel) just nibbled at them and quit eating entirely.


Offered Harrison’s again and he went after them like a hungry dog.


This bird loves his pellets whether Harrison’s High Potency or Adult Lifetime as long as they’re Super Fine.


Nutriberries Vs Avi Cakes Both Great
 for Your Birds and You Can Reduce Waste – Video


Once I had to get the larger ‘fine’ size and Angel threw them on the floor, refusing to eat until I chopped them up to a smaller size.


He doesn’t eat many fruits or vegetables, but his feathers, beak, and feet are all smooth and in great shape with no sign of mites.


He just seems to be itching and preening more than normal.


Can’t get him to use his birdbath, except to drink out of it, so I’m thinking about spraying him with water or this birdbath spray and I’d like your opinion.


I am a satisfied customer and read all your posts. Thank you, Toledo Steve.


Dear Steve

We have not used the product ourselves, not having needed it.


But after hearing back from customers how much they liked it and having shipped out hundreds of bottles, we now offer no other birdbath spray.


We are very happy with the product and have had zero complaints.


Some birds don’t bathe enough.

Sometimes stimuli are needed.

Like vacuuming will get some of our birds to desire to bathe.

The sound resembles rushing water to them.


Or dishwashing or you showering will entice a bird to seek out bathing.


Popcorn, our (deceased) cockatiel enjoying a blue plate bath ~ video 


Put your bird on the kitchen counter when you wash dishes and set a pie pan with a little water in it out and see while you are washing dishes if the bird becomes interested in the pie pan.


Can you take a shower and put your bird on the shower rod?


Does he fluff up?


Try diverting a little shower spray off a hand onto the bird and see how he reacts.


To use the Natra Bath Spray if it bird won’t stay in place to be misted, then lock him in a small cage and spray up into the air above the bird allowing the mist to come down like light rain rather than pointing the nozzle at the bird and squirting.


Harrisons bird food pellets, FYI.


The main difference between High Potency and Adult Lifetime is more fat (derived from sunflower seeds).


The purpose is to get the birds to learn to like the pellets.


Higher seed fat makes them take more appealing to the birds so they eat them.


After 6 months on them, the birds are used to them, and then they can be switched to the lower-fat Adult Lifetime pellets.


Some birds can be left on the High Potency if they need the extra fat, but if the droppings tend to be oily or messy, smelly, then they should be on the Adult Lifetime.


If the Adult Lifetime pellets are not available then yes, the High Potency can be subbed and vice versa on occasion as needed.


How Do I Get My Budgies to Eat Veggies?


To entice our birds to eat vegetables we chop up regular generic frozen (thawed) mixed vegetables along with a bit of apple, some broccoli, or kale and place in a shallow dish, then top with a sprinkle of millet. The millet entices the bird to eat it, but then they taste the veggies and may eat some.


We do this DAILY and some days they eat none, other days a lot.


I hope this helps.


Please let us know.





Follow up question

How to protect my bird’s eyes and nares from Natra Sprays


Linda H. wishes to know

Hi Mitch, Today’s blog had a question from Stacey about her caique, Herbie and his dry skin.

I believe my Quaker, Olliebird, is suffering from this condition, also.

We pretty much have his plucking under control, by that I mean much better by following all of your advice.

This just might be the last piece of the puzzle.

I just ordered the Natra birdbath and Natra nopick sprays you recommended, but I have a question; how to best cover his eyes and nares to protect him from the spray and should I use both daily?

Thanks, Linda (p.s. love Chili (our new Qauker), aren’t their personalities on display at all times!)

Dear Linda

The Natra sprays are for different uses.

The Natra Bath Spray helps with bathing and moisturizing the bird’s skin. The added preening oils help to soothe irritated skin due to dryness or picking.

If your bird will allow it, gently spray the chest, back and wings, underbelly if allowed. If your bird fusses and flees, you can put the bird in a small cage and spray through the bars, resulting in the bird not being able to fly off.

In the beginning, only spray lightly, do not saturate. Don’t spray into the face.

Another option for very natural spraying is to spray up, above the bird so it falls down naturally like a soft rain. However, birds are likely to look up during this, so try to avoid the face. the product is not harmful if it does fall there though.

The Natra No pick is used only to spray onto areas where picking has occurred to deter picking in those places. be very specific when spraying and only do when there are no other options. It should not be sprayed in the face or eyes.

I hope this helps.

Take care,



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