How We Hope To Teach Better Cage Bird Keeping Practices With Video

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Firstly I don’t think we spend enough time thanking you, our readers, our customers and everyone involved in the Windy City Parrot community devoted exclusively to keeping birds in our homes.

Your feedback, your questions in your responses drive us to do everything we can to help that FID (feathered kid) you have chosen to care for.

Circling back to who we are.

Advocates for the birds.


Our corporate mantra is, “we took them out of the sky and it is our responsibility to provide the best care possible.”


In doing so we share a similar burden with all of you now having eight rescue birds in our home.


I’ve often said “if it was easy everyone would be doing it”.


I’d like to take a moment to talk about video.

[videopress WwNlyRg5]

We love video.


We feel is a great medium to help convey our ideas to provide solutions that you need for carving out a better quality of life for these complicated pets that we keep.


Some of you may have heard others note that our 12-year-old YouTube channel with 755,000 views and about 3000 subscribers was suspended due to things like “hate speech” “scams” “copyright violations” and other atrocities.


We know from experience that this was all determined by “bots” programmed by “children” who were not tethered to talk everyday, on the concept of reality.


Before I run this discussion too far off the rails the point I’m trying to make is we are taking a new direction with video.


We are still deficient in around 100 videos lost with YouTube’s suspension that we are trying to put together.


In the meantime we’ve begun to reorganize our video content library.


We have moved the majority of videos that we have found from Facebook, Google photos and AWS into our new WordPress Jetpack video library.


At the same time we are back to producing videos on a weekly basis.


We will be showcasing many of the videos that we have created in the past while the same time share with you our dare I say, “struggles” with integrating additional birds into an apartment located in the center of the actual city of Chicago.


Our goal is to communicate to both experienced, new and soon to be cage bird keepers the challenges that need to be addressed when bringing these three-dimensional pets in our home.


Why do I call them three-dimensional?


Because they “fly”.


Take that dog, cat, horse, reptile, small animal, snake keepers.


Whether you elect to keep the bird in your home flighted or not, does not remove the birds ability and self-knowledge that it is able to defy gravity.


Although we have three Alexa dots in our home and follow news of Google and CNN that supposedly make our homes smarter, we keep animals in our cages that can tell time as accurately as Rolex watches and process environmental information literally three times faster than mammals.


Birds in general (of the roughly 10,400 species that we know of) process “light” data with the goal of determining lifestyle changes ie “is it time to mate”? “Is it time to molt”?

[videopress 30fknpKP]

Yet we supply them with the wrong data using misguided notions of windows and lighting.


Our videos are intended to illustrate what needs to be done to keep your birds happy both categorically and chronologically.


Please let us know if our efforts are helping you achieve your goals with that noisy, messy bundle of feathers you’ve committed to watch over for the next several decades.

mitchr & catherine

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