Is Falconry Worth the Investment in Time?

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Maurine L. inquires:

I live in Fort Worth, Texas, as housekeeper to Milo, the U2.

At a Master Naturalist meeting, I met a man who keeps several Harris’s hawks.

They do grackle reduction work for him.

He goes to shopping centers at night with one of his birds, who catches a grackle or a pigeon, and all the other birds in the flock leave.

For a long time.

His hawks stay pretty busy, he says.

Yes Maurine, even with lower traffic at shopping malls, birds have always been a problem in big box stores especially like Home Depot and Lowe’s that have outdoor warehousing.


​​Bird poop on a $25 oak 2 x 12 is not a good selling feature so it pays for the retailers to retain raptor clearing services.

​Raptors have only one thought “where’s my next meal coming from.”

​Humans have only one use for raptor birds.

​Not as pets.​
Not as entertainment.​
Not as a playful companion.


They are hunters used worldwide in sport hunting, especially in the middle east ​​


​​Birds of prey are also rented by farmers to chase Crow flocks into the next county.

​A while back Craig Hendee mentored me in the falconry space for about a year.


​Here’s why I walked away.

​Falconry is the most regulated sport in America.
​I simply didn’t have the time to devote.

​If I recall it’s two years of mentoring and instruction and then you must be licensed at both the state and at the federal level.

​Birds have to live in a “mews” particularly designed coop for raptors.

​If a bird loses a feather in must be recorded and then replaced using the process of imping.

​The birds are registered to you and the USDA can knock on your door at any time to perform an inspection.

​And that’s just where it starts.

​Training the birds is rigorous and must be maintained several days a week.

Craigs 22 birds were fed thawed out baby chicks the came on pallets containing ice cube-like cardboard trays.

​After all the training there was always the chance that a bird would not return or kill itself by striking telephone wires while flying at 60 miles an hour.

​It was that simple everyone would be doing it.

​Me with Alvin (Title photo)

​​Stay safe



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