Is It Good My Cockatiel Is 25 Years Old?

Is It Good My Cockatiel Is 25 Years Old?

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Joey L asks:

My Cockatiel, Woody, turned 25 this year.

Is that good for a cockatiel and why do you think he is still going strong?

dog and cockatiel sleeping next to each other

Woody and Maddie – best friends ever!


Catherine Tobsing replied


Dear Joey


25 is great for a cockatiel.


What type of cockatiel is he?


The normal colored bird is likely to live longer than a mutation color like an albino.


A bird who has been fed more than just seed and water will usually live longer.


A bird that has been able to fly will usually live longer, providing the house is bird safe.


You have been doing well, keep it up.


We love pictures.


Joey L replied


I’ve always kept Woody very active.


I clip his wings but allow him to walk around and interact with my other pets.


And he loves a good car ride and when I run the vacuum cleaner.


He is in love with my dog Maddie.


He is unable to fly these days.


However, he is as feisty as ever.


Thanks a lot for answering my question.


I appreciate that 😊



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