Is Lafeber Avi-era Superior to Nekton-S for an Avian Vitamin?

Is Lafeber Avi-era Superior to Nekton-S for an Avian Vitamin?

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Michael G. asks,


Mitch, you spoke about vitamins today, specifically Lafeber Avi-Era.


You’ve approved the diet for Big Boy Grey and Little Girl Grey.


I always used Nekton-S in their water until I learned from you about using a bigger amount of pellets and fewer seeds.


They eat each well and seem to enjoy their overall diet with fresh fruits and veggies for “lunch” each day.


Pellets and seeds mixed are available all day in one bowl and I have a night bowl that I give them human things you approved for their “dinner”.


My question is twofold.


Is Lafeber Avi-Era superior to Nekton-S?


I still use the vitamins although I think the pellets are sufficient.


I have a bottle of it left and hate to waste it.


I once read where a human body will cast off extra vitamins it doesn’t need.


Are birds the same and do the extra vitamins pose any risk?


Michael G



Catherine replied,


Dear Michael


Both Lafeber and Nekton vitamins are good.


We do not prefer one over the other.


If your birds are eating pellets exclusively then you don’t need to also give them additional vitamins.  But if they do eat some seeds, fruits, veggies, etc. then yes, additional vitamins will be fine.


FYI: Their “night” bowls should contain dry foods only. Nothing that can spoil.





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