Is My Noisy Canary Winged Parakeet Normal?

Is My Noisy Canary Winged Parakeet Normal?

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Kathy D writes:

I have a canary winged parakeet who seems very happy but he’s very attached to me and very loud pretty much goes on all day it seems.

Lately, the only time he’s quiet is when he is eating.

Is that common or does he need companionship?


He’s in quite a large cage. Is there anything that is considered to be too large of a cage for the size bird I’ve got.


The only time he’s quiet is when I cover him up at night when it’s time to go to bed and he doesn’t make any noise until I get up the next morning no matter what time it is as soon as he hears me that’s when he starts.


He’s quiet during the day occasionally.


Dear Kathy

Birds sing.

They sing to let their flock mates know they are there morning until night.

All the birds chime in as well.

They usually crank it up more in the morning when the sun starts to rise and just before bed when it is setting.


You are your bird’s flock mate. He sings, calls out to you otherwise, he would be alone and miserable.


Expect this as part of your healthy and happy pet.


Please do not cover your bird more than 12 hours a day. The bird should have 12 hours of quality light mounted above its cage for the best health and regular hormones. You can’t rely on windows for that.


You can find lighting here.




If the singing, calling out to you starts to annoy you you may wish to find a new home for the bird.




Kathy wrote

I would never dream of giving him away I just want to make sure that it’s normal cuz my last bird which was a parrotlet wasn’t as boisterous thanks


Listen for the keets in the background
and BTW that’s a Falcon, not a hawk


Dear Kathy


Glad to hear the noisy sweetie is yours forever.


You only need to be worried if the sounds are from pain or worse, you hear nothing at all.

A noisy bird is a happy one.


Enjoy him.


Kathy wrote

We celebrated his birthday on 17th of this month but thank you for your response I am glad to know that it’s normal.

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