Is There A Reason My Quakers Foot Started Bleeding?

Is There A Reason My Quakers Foot Started Bleeding?

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Carolyn L. is concerned with blood on her Quaker’s feet and wing.


Zachary is a 10-year-old Quaker. All of a sudden he started bleeding on his foot and under his wing. Nothing new is in his cage. He is moving around and eating ok. He seems very calm which is not like him. He is nasty and bitter and talks all the time. Any idea what it could be?


Let’s start with Zachary’s main perch, shown in the featured image above.


It is a grooming perch


Blood showing under Quaker parrots wing


Are Rope Perches Good For Birds Feet?



Grooming perches are designed to g-r-o-o-m as in nails and beaks ergo the rough surface.


Do the math and you have a bird that literally “clamps” onto whatever it’s perching on in this case the rough surface of a grooming perch.


interactive gif of owl foot flexing


in 30 years your bird will have slept on that perch 100,000 hours.


That’s 100,000 hours of your bird’s feet grinding away on this really brought surface so bleeding should come as no surprise.


Find Grooming Perches Here.


What does all this have to do with a bloody wing you ask?


Pain can manifest itself in many ways and my guess is that foot pain is translating into “stress” preening opening up new would in easy-to-reach places.


The solution will be to remove the grooming perch altogether or move it to one or more places.


chili quaker parrot on perch mounted on cage door


When you place a grooming perch inside a birdcage door, the bird will usually come to that perch and await a “step-up” command.


In that birds are inpatient they will do a little dance that will help reduce sharp nail tips while awaiting your hand.


Another place should be next to a daily food dish.


Birds tend to be animated when eating so they will move around on a grooming perch.


An added benefit is that will also drag their beak across the surface of the grooming perch helping to keep that important anatomical tool in good shape as well. 


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