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Mango Bird Products

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We are so happy to be able to serve the bird industry! It’s a joy every day.

We are so thankful for what we have, what we stand for, and most of all….who we are.

The key word for us is integrity. This is a guarantee….and without reservation.

In our company meetings, integrity is openly discussed like any of our products would be.

It’s not just a word of convenience. It’s not just a word to make an extra buck off the expense of others. Here at Mango, we live it and you and your bird will be assured to have the best of bird products, bird products of value, and bird products that are safe and well designed.

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So what is Mango’s definition of integrity? It’s to do the right thing when no one else would know the difference….and even though you or your bird may not ever notice the difference, the difference is there sight unseen in all of our products.

Our products are made for a LIFE TIME! Everything that we sell is manufactured in our warehouse, by us….here in the USA. None of our products are outsourced…we like it that way.
Someone told me I was crazy to be in manufacturing…I kinda chuckled and told them that I’ve been in manufacturing for almost all of career, and well, why should I stop now…? So you have our guarantee that we make what we do and you will get what you pay for.

On another note, here in New England, it is summer. The weather is unpredictable …but it is beautiful out today.

Appreciate living in the moment. Enjoy each moment. Find happiness in all you do. I find happiness each day that I go to work at Mango.

Kind Regards,

Erik Christopher
Mango Pet Products, Inc.

P.S. If we ever, ever fail in your eyes to the meaning of what Mango stands for…no matter what it is…. please email me directly….we’ll make it right for you. [email protected]

Mango Pet in Smithfield Rhode Island USA is one of our favorite vendors. Eric Christopher, Mango’s president is a talented engineer who knows about making avian specialty products for people who own pet birds.

What makes Mango Pet unique is the categories of bird supplies that they offer. The play stands start at a simple tabletop model and ramp-up to very elaborate foraging stations. Eric’s background as a chemical engineer has proved fruitful in the design and marketing of products that address the environmental sanitation of bird cage environments as well as the sanitation of birds themselves.
Catherine tells me one of the things that turn her on about me is that I do housework :-). A war that I am always fighting at home and in the shop is the war on dust.
I have an arsenal of feather duster but it’s always a challenge to get the dust off the feathers of the dusters. Much like my feather dusters, your bird’s 10,000 or so feathers are picking up everything from lipstick (from kisses), newsprint ink, and oils, cooking odors, smoke, dust, and God knows what else?
Keeping your bird’s cage and surrounding area both clean and disinfected it is one of your biggest challenges. Many people turn to common household bleach (sodium hypochlorite) which is a good disinfectant but not very good for your bird to inhale even in small quantities. Mango Pet Focus avian bird cage cleaner and disinfectant is available in both ready to use spray top bottles and in the very economical 32 ounce concentrate.
If there’s one message would like to get across to you is that Mango Pet Focus is Effective against over 50 pathogens including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
One quart of concentrate formula makes up to 32 gallons of the solution – it’s Cheaper and safer than bleach!
It’s no surprise to anyone who’s had a bird for even more than a few days, birds are messy. The mess comes from feathers and shredded, well everything, like newspaper and toy parts, but it’s the food that really attracts bugs.
Because of the high metabolism of these animals it seems like they are never not eating or at least spewing berry juice on the walls because they know that your day has not been complete enough.
Mango Pet’s line bird of play stands is extraordinarily unique. They offer both tabletop models, floor models, and even convertibles versions. With the rich colors and perch sizing tailored to foot size these will be high on your birds Santa wish list. 

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