What is the Minimum Cage Size for a Green Cheek Conure?
What is the minimum cage size for a Green Cheek Conure?

What is the Minimum Cage Size for a Green Cheek Conure?

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What is the minimum bird cage size for a Green Cheek Conure?

When we first bought a cage for our GCC (Green Cheek Conure) we decided a really big one was the best option. But now it’s hell to clean it, even once a week.

What is the minimum cage size for a GCC and what can I do to keep the cage cleaner?

There are no minimums nor maximums for birdcages. If we all had the correct dimensions and answers, rescues wouldn’t be full of unwanted birds.

If it’s taking too long to clean your cage, your cage is set up improperly – feel free to reach out with pictures of your cage and I can make recommendations on how to make cleaning your bird cage much easier.

In this video I clean 2 birdcages, home to five birds – in six minutes.


Getting back to the question at hand. It’s not just the size of the cage. It’s not what’s in the cage. It’s what your bird experiences when out of the cage.

If your conure is inside it’s cage all of the time then the cage should be as big as you can get. If the bird is out of the cage several hours a day or more then the cage could be quite small.

Birdcage cleaning should not be a chore, if you are arranging your perches and accessories properly they won’t get covered with poop. Where you have some unavoidable places where a favorite perch gets pooped on you can use Vet Wrap around the target area and then replace the vet wrap every two or three days. Or move the perch.

Keeping Poop-Off  near where your bird is will enable you to clean poop in real-time.

If the husks from seeds are a problem get a bird food like Hagen Tropimix where seeds have no husks. This will lessen waste. You can further improve on that by removing the bird food dishes from the manufacturers dish rings which are halfway up the cage and putting the food in a big shallow dish on the floor of the cage.

Speaking of which, we put newspaper on the grate or the floor of the cage for our Senegal parrot to ease having to scrub the grate.

We have four budgies and we removed the grate and are now putting the newspaper into the tray itself which makes cleaning that much easier.

By the way our Senegal has five cages and 4 play stands which enables her to be with us wherever we are, be it at work or play.

So don’t get hung up in the dimensional numbers. Your bird has no Internet access.

By the way a conure cage is typically 22-24 inch wide

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