Peaches Our Senegal – Video Shorts

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Senegal Parrot Loves Lettuce

[videopress au5e0QNE]

Half Our Budgie Family

[videopress ucfTdoYv]

Senegal Does Not Want To play With Ball

[videopress 6p3U4TMU]

Add Romaine Lettuce for More Foraging Fun

[videopress LwaB5bVP]

Ringneck Plays Ball

What Budgies Do When We’re Not Watching

[videopress sLmh2FBn]

Busy Budgies

[videopress 2ddCYa6c]

Do Not Take This Ringneck’s Bell Toy

[videopress nHKtIOFQ]

Is There A Mumbling Midget In My Motel Room?

[videopress V6OVDrvB]

When Budgies Prepare For Sleep

[videopress ZnVKhPxm]


Senegal has to unwrap her own treat stick

[videopress yvTeYkzJ]

Stepping up our business card foraging box doesn’t stop this Senegal parrot – Video

[videopress oc8j2xn8]

Senegal chooses working by foraging over full open food dish

[videopress Mmvnhad2]

Peaches keeps dads office organized using the latest foraging techniques

[videopress lRB7Gd06]

Make foraging harder for a smarter and stronger bird

[videopress z12wBQfu]

Even Senegal Parrots Like Toast – Video

[videopress 98EEMgxX]

Senegal chooses work
by foraging over full open food dish

[videopress ACGoj7Gv]

Senegal has to unwrap her own treat stick – video

[videopress jSDbL7Qw]

Best Preening Beard Toy Ever Video

[videopress 6GSL7NWX]

Senegal Makes Her Own Play Stand From Smart Phone – Video

[videopress ZZjlCuKz]

Senegal Plays With Vine Ring Bird Toy Video

[videopress sJrON4kP]

Assembly Milan SS hanging
tabletop small bird play stand – Video 

[videopress 3I6PHzHl]

Assembly Video Cockatiel
And Small Parrot Playstand by Prevue Pet

[videopress f9iMvw8w]

Awesome Budgie & Cockatiel
Window Play Center Assembly Assistance – Video

Peaches Our New Senegal Parrot
Is A Real Swinger – Video

[videopress DUBD2kQw]

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