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Aviator Flight Harness & Leash for 425 – 600 gram Birds Medium Black


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This fits birds having weights of 425 – 600 grams like Eclectus – Medium Macaws (Severe -Red Fronted) Large Amazons (Double Yellow Heads – Yellow Napes) Umbrella Cockatoos – Congo African Greys
Elastic leash cording reduces the total harness weight – especially on small birds. Some harnesses can weigh as much as the bird!
Included Elastic Leash measures 5 feet 7 Inches (1.7 m) Long
Specially engineered collar hugs the neck keeping the strap from sliding toward the wing and annoying your pet. The Aviator’s special collar design is the only harness that allows birds to safely wear the harness with food in their crop.
  • Easiest to install – Only one slide
  • Installs in less than ½ the time it takes to install all other harness.
  • Elastic leash safely absorbs impact shock and keeps birds from being injured if they unexpectedly fly to the end of the leash.
  • Fewer pressure contact points on bird. The Aviator is made of the least amount of material of any harness.
  • Self-adjusting leash changes orientation as bird moves around handler.
  • Automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and flies.
  • Connects to retractable cord leash and Aviator Flight Line for greater flying distance.

The AVIATOR constitutes a new mind set necessary to provide safe and effective harness and leash restraint systems for birds.

  • how to easily install and safely use the AVIATOR
  • training your pet to love the AVIATOR
  • teaching an old birds new tricks
  • teaching your bird to fly outside with the AVIATOR
  • positive personality changes to expect
  • The AVIATOR Harness is the only truly safe bird restraint system.
  • The only ESCAPE PROOF pet bird harness.
  • Your bird can easily remove the leash and sometimes the harness from every other brand of harness. This is a one piece unit.
  • Easily fits the largest pet birds and cockatiels as small as 75 grams.
  • One piece design
  • No pieces to assemble.
  • Advanced engineering has eliminated dangerous buckles and clips that distract and injure birds
  • Includes free instructional DVD
  • (Does not include the Aviator Flight Line)

PLEASE choose carefully, Fabric items, Flight Suits, Leashes, Harnesses and liners are not returnable due to the potential of bio hazards. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Demonstration of the Aviator Harness with Macaws


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