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Clicker Training for Birds Includes Target Training Sticks

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One clicker per order. Assorted colors.
Now included, are 2 target sticks at no additional charge (Yes, they are chopsticks, why not?)
This is an easy-to-use training tool!
The intent is to build and maintain a strong, lifelong relationship with pet birds.
60 Second introduction to video training

Rescues are filled with birds turned in, in many cases by a frustrated owner tired of the noise and the bites. Ironically parrots and even many small birds are extraordinarily smart and can learn quite quickly.

If you only spend 15 minutes a day on clicker training with your bird you will be amazed at the results in the improvement of your relationship.

This will be the best four bucks you ever spent on your bird.

This Training Clicker is sold by itself for training purposes. 1 clicker.

Clicker Training is a Way to Teach a Bird Positive Behavior Read More.

Building Trust with Your Bird Though Clicker Training ~ video

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