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Caitec Turn n Learn Logs Treat Holder Toy


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Caitec Turn n Learn Logs Treat Holder Toy

Fill with Nutri-berries or other small treats to challenge your large parrot or macaw. The bird has to hold on to the layers and unscrew them to access the treats.

Hide treats inside! Build your bird’s brilliance: Teach your bird to unlock the layers and reveal hidden delights!

Made from chew-resistant TOUGH polymer. Chain and quick link are nickel-plated and zinc free.

This is one cool, heavy-duty toy! Unscrew each layer and fill with your large parrot’s favorite treats. You can screw them as loosely or tightly shut back together as you can, depending on how much of a challenge your macaw or cockatoo needs!

Approximately 22″ L x 2.25″ W

Recommended for Large Parrots


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