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Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray Plumage and Skin Conditioner 16 oz

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Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray Plumage and Skin Conditioner 16 oz (.47 l)

All Natural Herbal Ingredients Natra Pet birdbath Spray for caged birds.

  • Vitamin-fortified plumage and skin conditioner with natural preen oil
  • Softens and beautifies plumage – feathers shine with a healthy luster
  • Helps retain moisture and soothes dry, itchy skin
Ideal for dry, itchy skin or birds with feather disorders. Natural ingredients like preen oil, wheat germ oil, aloe, and lanolin help retain moisture, tighten feathers, and add sheen. Contains Vitamins A, D, and E. No alcohol or harmful chemicals. For external use only.
Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray for caged birds contains no alcohol, detergent, or harmful chemicals – only the purest natural herbal ingredients. Contains Vitamins A, D, and E for the skin and purcellin oil (preen oil) to cleanse oil sacs, tighten feathers, soften and beautify plumage.
The Cockatoo, Cockatiel and African Grey all possess a uropygial gland, thus naturally secreting preen oil. The Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray enhances preening to caged, domesticated birds along with providing vitamins and conditioners that inhibit plumage and skin parasites. Of course, that is along with the fabulous smell too!
Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray for caged birds is excellent for birds with feather disorders. Helps relieve dry, itchy skin, remove scales, and prevent excessive molting.
Directions: For optimum results, use daily. Remove food and water dishes. Cover your bird’s eyes and nares (beak). Do not mist in cold, drafty areas. Discharge Bird Bath Spray 6 to 8 inches from your bird. Repeat until feathers are wet, especially at the tip of the tail. Cover cage with a cloth until your bird is dry.
Ingredients: Purified Water, PPG-33 Buteth-45, Cetearyl Octanoate (Purcellin Oil), Isopropyl Myristate, Benzalkonium Chloride, PEG-75, Lanolin, Fragrance, Vitamins A, D, and E, Wheat Germ Oil, Quantree, Aloe, and Botanically Derived Essence.
Note: For external bird use only. Do not spray in eyes or nares. Do not spray sick birds. Keep birds out of cold, drafty areas during and after misting.
Made from all-natural ingredients, the Bird Care System conditions the skin addresses the feather plucking disorder, and supplies them with a great nutritional balance.

NATRA PET Products have been on shelves since the early 1970s and our company has striven to provide nothing but the best and safest products for your family’s pets.

Windy City Parrot

You have received new ticket from Torun A!

Below are details of the ticket:

Subject: Feather plucking stopped


When I took in a rescued mallocan cockatoo he had 3 large sores and no feathers on his chest.

We provided him with a 4’×4’×6′ aviary cage with bird lighting, an open window to allow filtered afternoon sun for him to sit in, toys in the 1/3.to 1/2 upper part of cage and lots of rope and solid perches.

An adjoining aviary cage is home to a female Yellow Naped Amazon.

We gave him water spray baths. His chest sores got a little smaller but still no chest feathers.

You wrote about a product called ‘natrapet bird bath plumage and skin conditioner’.

I bought this product from your shop and started using it about twice a week, primarily on the lower back and avoiding the face.

Its been a while but he now has all but healed the chest sores and now has chest feathers.

We are still spraying under his wings.

I did not think he would regrow his chest feathers but I was wrong about that.

He is not fully feahered but fairly close. So, thank you very much for recommending and selling this product.

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