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Comfy Rope Booda Swing N Perch Small 8″


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The BOODA® Swing ‘N Perch™ is available in 3 sizes

This listing is for a Small which measures 8 Inches (20.3 cm) across and 3/4 Inch (1.9 cm) thick.

NO WIRE! Booda Comfy Cotton Rope Perches are designed with new shapes, bright colors and truly comfortable feel beneath your bird’s feet.

The BOODA® Swing ‘N Perch™ provides a firm perch made from a woven cable of soft cotton. Designed to soothe your bird’s feet while affording fun exercise opportunities. It is bird breeder recommended to provide perching surfaces birds need in their environment along with color enrichment.

  • Fabric Perch
  • Helps to relieve cage stress & boredom
  • Great sleeping perch
  • Offers birds something to chew, great for feather pluckers.
  • Recommended by bird breeders.
  • Create loops, curves, and other interesting shapes.
  • Hand washable
  • Quick Link included for easy hanging
  Bungees & other Soft PerchesClick for how to wash a booda soft rope perch


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