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Deluxe Traveler Floor Stand Desert Stone w 1 inch Perch


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This terrific little Deluxe Traveler offers a new dimension to exotic living for your bird!

Just like the regular Mango Traveler, this little unit has a lift-off top, but!!!…. a center ladder, 2 cup holders, 2 plastic cups and even has room for the toy holder…and don’t forget the included Mango Tidbit toy!

A fabulous Traveler unit for the bird who loves just a little more luxury than the rest!

The stand is 50″ high, 14 1/4″ wide x 10″ deep. 20 lbs whole stand (13 lb stand, 7 lb lift-off tabletop). Natural Ribbonwood Perch is available in 3 sizes

Stands give your bird places to go and people to see!

  • Removable tabletop!
  • 2 Feeder cups
  • Lightweight: Only 20 lbs
  • Easy to clean removable tray
  • Paint and workmanship warranty
  • Natural Ribbonwood Perch
  • Not Recommended for large macaws and cockatoos
  • Made in the USA

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Our Stands are custom made to the color of your choice and manufactured by our staff here in the USA. Please allow 15 to 45 days for your item to be completed and shipped. If a longer lead time is required, Customer Service will contact you directly. Thank you for choosing Mango Pet Products, we appreciate your business!

Take a tour of the Mango Deluxe Traveler Table top Stand

This is the stand pictured above without the floor base

“This is a very easy to carry, easy to clean, versatile perch that can be positioned wherever we want.

Having your parrot(s), near you as you work can be tremendously comforting you them and very entertaining for us.

We strongly recommend the stand because it works well for the types of training exercises that we discuss.

I particularly like the fact that the perch and tray can easily be removed from the stand so that once a reticent parrot gets bribed out onto the perch, his caregiver cant take him away from the cage for training.

This stand will come in handy on a daily basis for neutral room training, ambient attention which you work, encouraging a cage-bound bird out of its cage, etc.

It’s also nicely transportable so you can take it to the office of a friend’s house when you take your bird, Sally Blanchard, Companion Parrot Quarterly.”  

With her permission, we’ve reprinted her take on the Traveler Stand as printed in Companion Parrot Quarterly. 

With her permission, we’ve reprinted her take on the Traveler Stand as printed in Companion Parrot Quarterly.


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