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Dual Top Bird Cage for Medium Large Parrots by Prevue 3159 Black

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Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Parrot Playtop Black Hammertone 3159 features a roomy dome-top roof design combined with an exterior playtop.

Your parrot will be spoiled with the best of two worlds;  loads of interior room with the dome top feature, as well as a play top.  You can’t ask for more, especially if your parrot is in the cage all day while you’re at work. Imagine the living room potential with this cage!  You can create a sleeping zone tucked away up top in the dome.  With lots of perch opportunities, you’re able to create climbing areas with the dual level as well. This sturdy, durable and wonderful cage is the answer when you have only one location for your cage and it’s in the main living area.  It becomes the play area when you’re home.  The play top has two dishes for foraging at breakfast and dinner time.  The unique drop down landing door is a welcome bonus with this model. This cage is excellent for a couple of bonded parrots, perhaps Amazons or African Greys. When you want it all and have room for only one cage, this is the cage. 

Assembly sheet

Available in Black
Parrot Cage Dimensions:
Overall Size: 36 1/2″ L x 27 3/8″ W x 63 1/2″ H
Interior Space: 36″ L x 27″ W x 44″ H
Dimensions with seed guard: 45″ L x 35 3.4″ H
7/8″ wire spacing
Wire Gauge: 9 & 11

  • Wrought iron construction with roomy dometop area
  • Integrated exterior playstand, area with perch, ladder, toy/treat hooks, cup holders and playstand access door
  • Large main front access door; inset door opens down (landing-style); full door swings out (traditional)
  • Alternate access door under playstand opens landing-style
  • Double locks on doors provides extra security for birds
  • Pull-out grille and debris tray for easy cleaning
  • Cage stand base features easy-rolling casters

 Carefully constructed with a unique two-in-one front door that can open down as a landing style door or swing out traditionally allowing access to the entire bird cage, while the heavy-duty push button lock keeps your bird securely inside the cage. The entire front door is 10 inches Wide x 26 3/4 inches High, with the drop-down door measuring 12 inches High. Our Parrot bird cage also includes four stainless steel cups, two wood perches and an easy-rolling castered stand for portability. The triple toy hook design provides lots of space for hanging multiple toys or treats. The pull-out bottom grille and tray, along with the rounded corner seed guard, help contain mess and make cleaning quick and easy. Also, there is a slide-out door between cage and playtop area that lets birds move easily from one area to the other.

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