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First Aid Self Adhering Tape Vet Wrap No Clips No Adhesive Blue

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First Aid Self Adhering Tape Vet Wrap No Clips No Adhesive Blue (actual shades may vary)

A must-have in your “Houston we have a problem” bird’s first aid kit. For all sized birds

More first aid kit suggestions are found below

2″ x 5 yards (15 feet) stretched., 2″ x 2.2 yards (11.5 feet) unstretched

  • Hand tear, no scissors needed.
  • Won’t shrink.
  • Coheres to itself.
  • No clips or tape is needed.
  • Will not stick to feathers, fur, skin or hair.
  • Can help with grip on slippery PVC perches
  • Do not use this on heated perches!

Parrot Pop Quiz: It’s 11 o’clock at night and visiting aunt Martha just sat down and broke your bird’s radius and ulna hewing wing bone because your bird was in his favorite spot on the couch but unfortunately he very much looks like the couch, just another fabric pattern in the couch to aunt Martha. And you really love your cockatiel but a $2000 emergency veterinarian visit just isn’t in the cards tonight so you………… okay I’ll wait………..

Think about it, you keep Band-Aids & maybe some gauze that requires adhesive tape in your medicine cabinet which can handle solid boned humans and help with dog and cat wounds.

You cannot use adhesive anywhere near a bird. Binding a bird with adhesive is like tying a dog’s feet as if you were roping cattle, just to immobilize a wound on a single leg. Tying a knot with roll gauze can be constrictive.

You can wrap this safe bandage material around your bird’s body allowing a good wing to still be exposed. Or cut it into very narrow strips and use a wooden match as a splint for a broken leg.

Then hopefully you can visit your vet during normal office hours where they’ll probably want to take x-rays and at the end of the day if those little hollow fragile bird bones are able to be set back into place, guess what your vet may use to send your bird home? The very same type of bandage you brought your bird in with.

Bird anatomy refresher: birds do not have a larynx like you and I, they have something called a pharynx. You cannot choke a bird by using your thumb and your index finger to restrain them around the neck and it is actually a very good way to hold a nervous bird and not get bit. The design of a bird’s lungs is to remain open and not pump like a bellows like you and I have, instead compressing a bird’s chest can suffocate a bird.

This video will give you an excellent sense for applying this none adhesive bandage to a bird’s wing

When using this on a bird, the fit must be gentle so it does not interfere with your bird’s breathing. The material is very light stretchable so it is pretty easy to do but just keep it in the front of your mind while you’re wrapping your bird apply the last wrap without stretching AT ALL then cut away from the roll and press gently in place. It will adhere without getting stuck.

Two bird factoids:

1) Sitting on or laying on pet birds is one of the biggest reasons for pet bird deaths

2) If your bird gets adhesive on its wings which can come from an errant glue flytrap, or an un-guarded craft project – you get the idea, stabilize the bird with a towel – you practiced toweling right? Ok, here’s the step by step and then after the bird is toweled expose the body part and remove the adhesive by rubbing olive oil over the adhesive area. Better yet, use water based personal lubricant which dissolves the glue without leaving you with a oil-covered bird.

Safety note: 

This product is bird-safe but does contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in humans.


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