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Full Spectrum Featherbrite Day and Night Cage Light Black

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This lighting system incorporates full spectrum lighting AND soothing moonlight using a unique double socket inside the shade

We include one 20 Watt Featherbrite Full Spectrum bulb which provides beneficial UVA and UVB which aids in Vitamin D synthesis, helps with preening as well as the skin and feather health and helps relieve psychological distress.

Also included one Blue Featherbrite Moonlight LED bulb helps relieve the stress of night that some birds experience. It also gives a relaxing blue light for nighttime and operates using only .06 watts of electricity.

The Capital Shade is 12″ across and 10″ in height. Heavy gauge .062 aluminum – wire mounting rack included

  • A durable, non-toxic powder coat is used
  • Off/on switches on two 15-foot electrical cords that timers can be added to.
  • Unique double socket in the shade
  • Includes one 20 Watt Featherbrite Full Spectrum bulb *
  • Includes one Blue Moonlight Featherbrite LED bulb
  • Wire mounting rack included
  • Cage Not Included
  • The price includes domestic shipping.

* Light quality diminishes over time, it is highly recommended to replace your Full Spectrum bulbs after one year of use.

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Please keep in mind that this lighting should be used during the brightest daytime hours. It is recommended that you use a timer so that the light goes on and off at specific times each day.We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian for specific hours of use for your particular kind of bird.
Please note: You and your pet’s safety is FeatherBrite’s top priority. To prevent damage to the light bulb or electrical cord, remove and unplug the light from the top of the cage before your bird comes out to play.

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Hi, Can the Pagoda Shade lamp be hung high enough above the cage so my Sun Conure can’t get to it? He love electric cords!!! I could hang it like a swag lamp, but I might need to have it wired with a longer cord. Thanks
Hello, You should consider a swag lamp instead. Please keep in mind when you raise a lamp less benefit your bird gets from the light. Personally, we prefer the capital shade mounted on top of the cage as pictured in the listing. Birds will be birds and can get at anything they want so it is your job as a cage bird keeper to keep them entertained and occupied with things other than the lighting in their cages. Once you install the lights you might consider placing a favored treat on top of the cage along with some toys to maintain a distraction. For the most part, we don’t hear a lot about birds getting to the cord on these lights although we have had some customers slip PVC tubing over the cord.
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