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Java Wood Parrot Play Stand Tree Table Top by AE Large 500L

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Large Java Wood Table Top Play Stand

Technical Details

  • Exterior Dimensions: 28″x18″x27″
  • Weight:20 lbs.

Product Features

  • A design of nature and of skilled craftsmanship.
  • Each Playstand is unique … no two are alike.
  • The space between the branches help provide freedom for you bird to flap their wings.
  • There is also more room to explore.
  • The base is constructed with quality Kamper wood from Kalimantan.
  • Has one feeder cup made out of bird safe resin.

A Java wood play stand is an elegant piece of virtually indestructible artwork for your home, which provides hours of entertainment for your parrot. Your java stand can go outside, but if left outside the bottom (equally beautiful) wooden tray needs protection; also note that the java wood, while still virtually indestructible, will turn black from the elements. If you have a parrot that wanders, place this on a table or stand that’s a bit smaller than the diameter so your parrot cannot climb down. There’s no end to the foraging ideas you’ll come up with for your Macaw or Moluccan Cockatoo. 

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Note: Each Java Tree stand is unique. The photograph above is a representation. Your Java Tree stand will look different but will be within the dimensions: 28″ wide x 18″ deep x 27″ high.

Go With The Original Responsibly Harvested Java Wood: The Java Tree is a natural tree perch made from a single coffee tree of 25 to 35 years of age when the tree becomes non-productive. This responsible harvesting recycles old trees and does not hurt the environment and in addition provides a supplementary income where there was none previously for coffee farmers.
In the journey to becoming a complementary piece for your companion, less then 1% of the trees are suitable for sale. To amplify and express the natural beakery and provide a safe enrichment treat for your bird the finished perch becomes a beautiful addition to your home and most importantly, practical and fun for your bird and other creatures. 




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