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Foraging Fun Pack Lafebers Parrot 5 oz

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Lafebers Parrot Foraging Fun Pack 5 oz NEW

Introducing Foraging Fun Packs, nutritionally complete foraging fun that Parrots love! Each bag is filled with a variety of tastes, textures and eye-catching foods that make eating healthy fun for your feathered friend.

Each Foraging Fun Pack includes four trial size foods meant to help engage your bird’s attention and maximize time spent eating. Your bird experiences the unique shape of a Nutri-Berrie, the fun cake-like shape of an Avi-Cake, and the fruity sensations of our Tropical Fruit Pellets. Our foods provide ample opportunity for your feathered friend to “work for their food,” an activity they enjoy and greatly benefit from.

Each kit includes, (1) Tropical Fruit Pellets, (1) Classic Nutri-Berries, (1) Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries and (1) Classic Avi-Cake.
  • Perfect for a new bird owner looking to convert their bird from a seed to a pellet diet
  • A convenient, low-cost way to try new diets
  • Encourage a more fun and interactive feeding experience and longer feeding time
  • More time eating can help prevent unwanted behaviors and relieve boredom
  • Each bag comes with four nutritionally complete foods
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

The differences between Nutriberries and AviCakes ~ Video

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