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Nest Box For Budgies Lovebirds From Hagen HARI Green White


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Nest Box For Budgies Lovebirds From Hagen Hari Green White

Provides a safe shelter for mating birds, nesting pairs and tending to baby Parakeets, Lovebirds & Parrotlets. 

Nest box dimensions: 9-1/4 Inches x 5-3/4 Inches x 6-3/4 Inches Tall.

Access holes: 2 Inches Diameter  Perch 2-3/8 Inches long.

The breeding box is easy and quick to install inside or outside the cage. Mounts left or right. Hygienic, clean, and easy to use. Works two ways – inside and outside the cage. Door access for viewing eggs/babies. 

The Nest Box includes a protective transparent door that allows you to view the progression of the babies without disturbing the occupants.
It takes only a few minutes to assemble (only 6 parts) and install in the birdcage. It can be placed inside or outside the cage. 

Hygienic and easy to use, the Nest Box comes complete with a reusable and EZ to clean clear plastic liner.

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