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Play Top Bird Cage for Smaller Birds by AE 8002422 White

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Play Top Bird Cage for Smaller Birds by AE 24×22 White

Technical Details

  • Exterior Dimensions: 24″x22″x62″
  • Interior Height: 29″
  • Bar Spacing: 3/4″
  • 4 mm Gauge bars

This roomy yet small playtop bird cage provides all the home comforts your parrot needs. The play top provides an excellent exercise area, as well as a foraging area to stimulate your parrot. Position the food and water dishes on opposite sides to create more exercise opportunities inside his home.

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This cage is sturdy and durable, ideal for small parrots like conures or pionus to medium-sized parrots, like African Greys and Amazons. The swing-out feeder door locks will foil even the craftiest escape artist. Its large main door is a bonus for cleaning. The cage also easily rolls from room to room as needed.

Product Features

  • Birdproof front door & feeder door locks
  • Play top with 2 ladders, perch, & toy hook
  • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
  • Front door safety latch
  • 3 swing-out feeder doors
  • 3 stainless steel feeder cups & perch
  • Large front door for easy access
  • Removable seed catcher
  • Slide-out tray underneath play top keeping cage mess-free
  • Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic, durable, and safe powder-coated finish


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