Should I Clip My 3-month-old Budgie’s Wings So I Can Tame Him?
Budgie Flying - 3D render.

Should I Clip My 3-month-old Budgie’s Wings So I Can Tame Him?

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My answer to a Quora question

We have 10 flighted birds in our home.

7 budgies (all rescues) never leave their large aviary and keep themselves organized and busy all day.

Our rescues African Ringneck, Blue Quaker, and Grey cockatiel all came to us clipped.

We spend time teaching them where and how to land even if they were never fledged (google it)

We allow them free flight.

In the morning the 2 bigger birds, the Ringneck and Quaker fly from their home cages upstairs to their work cages downstairs so they can greet customers at our 30-year-old pet bird supply business (we sell no livestock)

We have also been teaching pet bird care to a global audience for 20 of those years.

A Better Bird Ep 13 – How Bird Proof Is Your Home ~ video

Regarding flying into obstacles:

If you have a ceiling fan on with a bird in your home, you are a dumbass. Vets call them shredded tweet. 

If you don’t cover your windows and mirrors, you are a dumbass.

We use blinds, dream catchers, and flowers.


If your bird escaped through an open window or door you are a dumbass – you did not follow safety protocols.

rose breasted cockatoo about to fly out an open window

Plenty of dogs and cats escape every day but we don’ hear “trim their legs so they can’t run”

BTW you can’t tame a budgie – they are wild animals – you can train them though

At the end of the day, you don’t need to teach your birds how to fly.

They’ve been doing so for 100 million years.

Spent the time teaching them where and how to land, which will instill confidence and reduce potential collisions with furnishings and the like

Read the full Quora post here

Should I clip my 3-month-old budgie’s wings so I can tame him? He’s really good at flying and it will be harder to hand tame him.

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