Should I Imp My Baby Conure’s Feathers?
Conure is one of the species of parrot native to Latin America. From Mexico came down to the Caribbean and South Chile, Cinnamon Green Cheek.

Should I Imp My Baby Conure’s Feathers?

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Bonnie D. is interested in,


Imping Feathers on a baby Conure




I recently adopted a baby conure – hatched 6/4/2021.


Her wings were clipped.


After I adopted her, I found information on the importance of birds keeping their flight feathers to help in balance, muscle tone, and even mental benefits.


I am wondering if you know of any resources in Florida that I could check into getting her flight feathers imped to ensure the best possible development for her?


Thank you!



An Introduction to Imping, the Ancient Art of Feather-Mending


Dear Bonnie

Kudos to you for wanting to give your baby conure the best life. Generally, the only bird species that are imped fall under “birds of prey” like hawks, falcons, and the like.



Best to just wait it out until the wing feathers molt out and regrow back in intact.


More physical issues result from birds being clipped and reclipped and reclipped over and over again, resulting in the atrophy of their wing and chest muscles due to it.


Your baby conure will not suffer greatly from this single clip and will have the chance to learn to fly and exercise its body for a long and happy life with you.


Thank you for asking.



Mitch Rezman

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