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Should I Put a Humidifier or Air Purifier, in My Birds’ Room?

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Lorraine H. asks

How do I keep my bird’s dander down?

Should I put a humidifier or air purifiers, in my birds’ room

Thank you so much for your help.


I am really desperate.


Thank you again.

What Humidifier Is Right for My Bird?



Build a DIY air filter for about $25


Hi Lorraine

An air filtration system will remove dander and feathers from the air but not reduce the output.


Melting coconut oil (5 – 10 seconds) in the microwave and then pouring over their daily diet will help.


Misting or bathing your bird on a regular basis will also help with powder reduction.


Information on pet bird bathing can be found here:


I hope this information helps.


Stay safe and healthy




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