Should I Use FDA Approved Powder Coating on My Older Birdcage?
bird in a cage hang on the concrete wall

Should I Use FDA Approved Powder Coating on My Older Birdcage?

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Hi Mitch!


I just read your blog on someone who had asked about this same thing. My local powder coater is suggesting…


(of course in addition to zinc-free base coat) that I should use FDA approved coating.


Attached is the brochure they sent me. Page 7 has the 3 FDA colors.


Tiger Drylac interiorchart



Do you agree with this?


Thanks so much!


Cindy S.


Yes, that would be best, Cindy. It’s also important to ensure the old coating is properly removed via sandblasting.




close up white bird cage











Hi Mitch,

Me again. So I got my cage sandblasted and re-powder coated using FDA  approved coating. However, they did not use a primer (to avoid zinc) and the coating did not take well. There are areas that are not covered at all and rusting already. I am very stressed over this.

After talking with them about this, they had said they would come to get the cage and put another coating on it. However, they are now suggesting FDA-approved touch-up paint but that is not something I agree with especially since the entire channel that holds the grate in place plus other areas just need to be redone.

With that said, my question for you is, is there a coating that can be safely used on bird cages prior to powder coating? …and what other thoughts might you have that would be helpful for both me and for them?

Attached are a few pics of the spots rusting already (after only a couple of days), it’s been 3 weeks now and I am worried about the integrity of the cage. There are more areas showing up now.

bad birdcage powder coating










Thank you in advance for your info and support.


I never used a base coat for both “e-stat” and “fluidized powder bed” methods.

You can use a nonzinc epoxy base but from your images, one or more of 5 things went wrong.
1) The exposed areas never were covered in powder
2) The substrate was not covered thick enough 
3) Components were hung wrong so melted powder did not “flow” before cooling.
4) The oven was not hot enough.
5) The components were not left in the oven long enough
bad birdcage powder coat example
Judging by IMG_04 – all 5 issues come into play
Sorry Cindy

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