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Should You Really Buy the Biggest Cage You Can Afford?

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Karen C. asks,

I know you’re supposed to house your pet in the largest cage you can afford.

At least that’s what I’ve read in past issues of Bird Talk.

Anyway, I’ve done my share of parakeet rescues and as of now, I’m down to 2 birds.

They’re housed in an older Prevue cage #F099 which I purchased when a pet shop by us was going out of business and was selling out their stock.

With only the 2 parakeets in it, I was wondering if they might be happier if I downsized a little, or do you think they are fine with the house they have?

They are in a separate room where they have the freedom to be out all day long.

So I was just looking for your input about if the cage is too big for them or still okay.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.


Dear Karen,

Regarding the cage question.

The F099 cage is a really nice one and just fine for two parakeets.


It is an older style no longer made by Prevue but it is a very good design.


Even though you only have two birds, they still need room to exercise for their health.


We really like this cage but had to upgrade when budgie number 6 found us.

Indoor Aviary Flight Cage for Smallest Birds by Prevue 42614-3 Blue White

Indoor Aviary Flight Cage for
Smallest Birds by Prevue 42614-3 Blue White


The statement “Buy the biggest cage you can afford” is really unclear and confusing.


That’s like saying “if Jeff Bezos had a bird, he’d buy a cage as big as Oregon”.


If you have birds that are left out to sit on a play stand, play, fly around much of the day then their nighttime cage does not have to be so big.


Budgie aviary using Kings Tweeky Clean mess-less feeders ~ Video

For example, if an African grey parrot had to stay inside a cage most of the day while the owner is at work, the cage should be 30″ x 36″ wide or larger.

But if it bird was out of the cage most of the day every day, then a cage as small as 18″ X 20″ would do as a sleeping cage at night.

I hope this helps.

Stay safe


Catherine & MitchR


The appropriate size birdcage for a large macaw is 30 square miles ~ MitchR

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