Standard Light Bulbs Must be Used in NuAge Bird Cages
Standard light bulbs Must be Used in NuAge Bird Cages

Standard Light Bulbs Must be Used in NuAge Bird Cages

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I wanted to let you know that the full specturm bird cage light bulb that I just ordered from you will not fit the NuAge bird cage light fixture. The bulb has a broad area just above the screw-in part that makes it incompatible. 

Since you sell NuAge cages, I thought you might like to add this information about the bulb so your next customer doesn’t waste money on a bulb that won’t fit!

 Rebecca M.

Dear Becky 

We thank you for letting us know about the bulb not fitting the NuAge Cages. I don’t think anyone knew that. 

This may be a problem with the new curly bulbs replacing the round incandescent bulbs that are being phased out. 

The NuAge bird cages will have to be altered to allow for these types of bulbs as the round ones are going away, they were already supposed to be gone but the US Gov has delayed the ban.

 We truly appreciate you telling us about this. I will contact NuAge bird cage compnay and anyone else involved with this and let them know. 

These are truly good and healthy full spectrum bulbs and will fit any normal lamp socket and can be used in the bird room or any place in the home, except obviously the NuAge bird cages.

 Thank you

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique


You need to know about this issue with the new light full spectrum bird cage light bulbs not fitting your light sockets.

Soon no one will be able to get the standard round bulbs. So you may want to start working on this issue with your cages. 

I have attached the customers email 

Catherine Tobsing

Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Hi Catherine, 

Thank you so much for letting me know about the issue we are working on a solution.

Ryan Witten

Marketing Director
NuAgeCage, LLC


Mitch Rezman

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