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Tail Feather Tips Keep A New Bird From Biting With A Re-Direction

“Redirection” best describes this video


One should not yell “ouch” once bit as the bird will know it can elicit a reaction.


Bite’s should be taken in silence.

Try putting a perch INSIDE the cage door so when it opens the bird can be on the cage without being in it and knows it has an escape route.


If you are inexperienced with birds start with a wing clip so you are not chasing an aggressive bird around the home.


Newspaper User For Ginsu Cage Clean Up

[videopress izIX5Vqk]

Tail Feathers Tips Parrot Foraging And Enrichment For Pennies (And Nuts)

[videopress wqxS7JQA]

Keto coming Out Of The Cage For The First Time

[videopress FdvpymMD]

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