The Bird World Wants to Hear From You

The Bird World Wants to Hear From You

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Do you have something to say about your pet bird or captive birds in general?


We love meeting new people with fresh ideas especially when you can see something differently than us.


We are selective about who submits content.


Why are we looking for guest bloggers on Windy City Parrot?


We are trying to grow the human side of our avian community.


We like to believe that our content is considered some of the top level thinking in all things avian.


If you would like to be heard by hundreds of thousands of our social media followers please reply in the comments section below.


We are looking for content covering topics that enhances existing information found here or subjects we have yet to cover.


Your content must be original and never before published thus meeting our top high-level media standards.


Your submitted piece should be a minimum of 500 words, preferably 1000 or more.


Please include links to your own social media properties, blog, websites and wherever else you think eyeballs are following you.


Add to that a short bio and your email address.


We ask that you do not publish this content on other blogs or websites for at least 30 days from your Windy City Parrot deployment date.


When the initial 30 days has passed after your post deployment date and then you begin to republish on your own website we ask that you add the following at the start or the end that says “this originally appeared on Windy City Parrot’s blog” and a link to the original piece.


This enables search engines to know that subsequent posts are repurposed and not duplicate content that has been hijacked illegally.


We don’t accept duplicate submissions or exhibit content that’s been published prior.


Mitch Rezman
CMO Windy City Parrot, Inc

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To place request for submission or ask a follow up question please fill out the form below


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