Video Reviews For Every Blend Of Goldenfeast Bird Food

Video Reviews For Every Blend Of Goldenfeast Bird Food

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What makes Goldenfeast unique is that it’s plant-based nutrition.

Because of the enormity of pet bird species (about 750 species including hornbills) they need lots of diverse and dense nutrients as well as super foods to achieve maximum health and stay there.



Goldenfeast has been producing some of the best bird food blends since 1991.

Ed Schmidt founded Goldenfeast with a singular focus which emphasized holistic bird health.

People and birds are similar in that they need to eat “healthy”.

This does not mean they need to eat the same food.

Many of your big-box stores have bird food lining the shelves with fillers, preservatives, synthetic vitamins, lots of corn and a high percentage of ingredients that don’t improve your pet birds nutritional needs nor provide a balanced diet.


What you will find in the many Goldenfeast gourmet formulations are nutritionally dense super foods that are similar to the diets bird’s would be eating in their natural environment.

You’ll find things in Goldenfeast that are hard to find in other foods.

Spices like whole cinnamon and hibiscus flower.

Immunity boosting and inflammation easing properties from spiralina.

Shelled and in-shell tree nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Bee pollen, probiotics and dehydrated vegetables and beans plus a minimum variety of 15 fruits.

Organic ingredients are used wherever possible making your bird healthier.

What you wont find in any Goldenfeast bird food blend are synthetic vitamins because they are not necessary in bird food, the quality ingredients supply all the nutrition your birds will need.

Goldenfeast has no artificial colors.

Open a bag, any blend and just smell it.

Go ahead, taste it all the ingredients are human grade.

Goldenfeast offers an 18 month best if used by date and is important to note that once the bags are open they must be refrigerated.

Goldenfeast bird food blends are available for any size bird from finches, canaries and budgies to the big macaws and cockatoos.

Many blends may be served wet or easily cooked for greater palatability.


Why Feed Goldenfeast®????

Goldenfeast® is a manufacturer of gourmet foods for exotic/pet birds
and small animals.

With a proven track record since their incorporation in 1991, Goldenfeast® continues to expand and improve their already vast array of gourmet delicacies.

Goldenfeast® offers the following highlights:

Over 350 human grade ingredients used in our formulas

As many as 55 ingredients in a single blend

Presently 45 food blends are offered with new product development always in the forefront

When sunflower seed is called for, we use only human,edible grade California variety

Raw peanuts and beans should NOT be fed to exotics..
We use only roasted peanuts and pre-cooked beans

Goldenfeast® offers a blend for every niche, such as: 

  • No Peanut formulas
  • Preservative free formulas
  • Formulas free of corn
  • Quick Cook Formulas
  • Vegetable Blends
  • Fruit Blends
  • Nut Blends

Goldenfeast®formulas are made WITHOUT the use of:

    • Added dyes
    • Added vitamins
    • Added artificial flavors

Goldenfeast® Goldn’oblesÔwas developed after years of research. Corn is NOT the #1 ingredient. This extruded food is “Made with Organic Ingredients” and does NOT contain the following:

  • Added Vitamins
  • Preservatives
  • Processed Sugars
  • Dyes



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