What Are the Cons to Buying a Mature African Grey Parrot?

What Are the Cons to Buying a Mature African Grey Parrot?

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Deleta R is interested in the cons to buying a mature African Grey Parrot


I’ve bottle-fed ( yes bottle) and weaned 2 Congo African Grey Parrots in my lifetime( Starr & Hope) I have 4 Blue front Amazons now 2 bottle-fed and weaned in 2005 & 2015.


Must have a preferably male Congo African Grey again…Can you help Catherine? In terms of feedback from this post…Sorry, I’ve taken you for granted. My appreciation never wanes!!!


Dear Deleta

I take it you are considering adopting an adult Grey? Finding one that is available to adopt is not easy unless you know someone, etc.


Greys are a little different in that they have a genetic disposition to change partners during their lives which helps them keep their generic pool strong with new blood.


So they are more likely to adjust to a new home than many other parrots.


So if you have an opportunity to bring home a mature grey, it is worth a try.


Please let us know how it goes.




Mitch Rezman

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