What Are the Differences Between Red & White Millet?

What Are the Differences Between Red & White Millet?

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Yvonne S writes:


Hello, I was wondering about your 2 lb parakeet mix with the red millet?


He also likes small sunflower seeds and darker variety millet.


He eats fresh corn not crazy about dried.


Trying to get her beak stronger and waiting on the oyster shell.


I see it is also in the mix.


Is there any red millet coming from any place in the United States?


I used to buy it at the health food store and cannot find it anymore.


Except in Florida.



Dear Yvonne


I don’t know of a separate source for Red Millet.


I looked at all of the Parakeet and Canary and Finch seed mixes and they all seem to have some in the mixes, but White Millet is in more volume in all the mixes.


Red Millet is smaller than White Millet and is more desirable in Finch mixes over Parakeet mixes due to that.


Birds usually prefer White Millet over Red Millet.


Red Millet contains more carotene pigments than white does making it more suitable for red factor canaries.




Mitch Rezman

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