budgie with broken upper beak

What Do I Do Now That the Tip My Budgies Upper Beak Broke Off?

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Hello, a bit more than the tip my budgie’s upper beak broke off and I’m worried about her.


She is not eating eggs or any soft vegetable she accidentally ate her regular seeds and it started bleeding again.


We decided to let her stay in the cage for a few days (of course with around half an hour outside) since she”s not eating and it will make her hungry if she flies around.



Catherine responds,

You may have to hand feed a while. You can use a syringe or pipettes with ground-up pellets mixed with warm water, followed by a syringe with some water.


If you can get to an avian vet, please do so. The beak might need attention.


They can give you pain medication.


We hope your budgie recovers soon.




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