What Else Do I Need To Know Before Buying An Indian Ringneck

What Else Do I Need To Know Before Buying An Indian Ringneck

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African ringneck (above)

Veronica asks


Re: Ringnecks, Keto, and all that.


Dear Mitch,


I hope that all is well with you, yours and Keto.


I’ve watched the videos and showed them to others a few times now.

I think that I might have found a good breeder who handles the babies so they’re not terrified in their new home.


Unfortunately, it’s a long journey which I would not manage but I am thinking about using a specialized delivery service when the time comes next spring, but I am doing research on the companies first.


I have been checking as much information as possible on taking care of IRNS and parrots in general and just managed to confuse myself.


So, I looked at your site instead to see the sort of food that you sell and so on and to read about avian lights, etc.


There is so much stuff available in the UK now that wasn’t when I had my last bird that I was beginning to become a bit overwhelmed.


Then I remembered that my last bird, a cockatiel, lived until he was 28 years old, so I decided to calm down as I obviously did a reasonable job with him.


There are so many forum chats about how to persuade birds to eat pellets, which I never fed to my various birds, in fact, I’d never heard of them then, that I began to fret about it.


However, you sell such a variety of food and there’s so much fresh food they can have that I’m not sure that they’re necessary.


As for the lights, that was never a thing before and my birds all lived fairly long lives, despite the long winter months here.


I would appreciate your opinions and if there’s anything that you would like me to do to promote your store or blog, please let me know.


Also, I am a writer. I self-published a thriller on Amazon some time ago, have written many short stories, one of which won first prize and a couple of comedy scripts that I am sending out on spec.


I’m working on another thriller at the moment.


It just occurred to me, while writing this email, that there could be a story or series based around you and your birds.


Maybe you could be some sort of bird protection vigilante?



I know that I could just write it myself but how much more delicious it would be with your knowledge and using your personality for the main character?


Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you’re curious about my book on Amazon it’s Visually Disturbed by V.M. Fahy.


Ciao for now,



Hey Veronica,

I remember our initial thread about narrowing down a species.

IRN’s are a great choice.

I’ll respond in more detail to this email in a few days – currently prepping Sunday’ brunch.


I am copying the owners of TOP’s bird food in the hope that they will be able to direct you towards a distributor in the UK.


TOP’s offers seeds, pellets, treats and birdie bread in several flavors that would satisfy the bulk of your bird’s diet, setting aside fresh fruits veggies and so forth which should be 10% – 30% of your nutritional program.


We’ll be showing how you can easily use their birdie bread for pellet conversion, soon.


We tried offering Keto the chopped veggies we serve our 10 budgies daily but he’d have nothing to do with that.


Now he gets a small number of unchopped veggies but he only eats the “meat” of the corn.



To vary things he now gets one or 2 grapes a day, but he prefers them to be sliced.


He loves shelled walnuts.


I love the idea of writing a story but for now along with writing our blog 


I’m writing for https://www.superezsystems.com/ our digital marketing arm


and https://redheadedcatbirds.com/ pulling back the sconce of our personal stories that Catherine and I like to share.


which, much like trying to eat a watch is time-consuming:-)


I’ve added https://www.amazon.com/Visually-Disturbed-Fergus-Browne-Book-ebook/dp/B00H9TXV6U


to my Kindle. LOVE the title!


I’ll read it when I’m done with the audiobook Origin of species by Charles Darwin, on LibraVox which I’m trying to use for upping my KB but it’s taking some work.


talk soon




Thanks, Mitch and Veronica.

Yes, TOP’s products are available from Northern Parrots in the UK. They carry many of our items and get regular shipments.

Thanks again.


Best regards,


Gary (co-owner TOP’s)

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