What Should I Be Feeding My Cockatiel Baby?

What Should I Be Feeding My Cockatiel Baby?

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Christina S. asks:

What should I be feeding my cockatiel baby?

Also, do I change it when it gets a bit older?

Dear Christina

Assuming your cockatiel is fully weaned, we recommend a good cockatiel seed mix and if you want to add pellets there are options.

In the beginning, your bird might eat mostly smaller seeds from this mix but later will eat the bigger seeds. No need to change the mix once it grows.

This is a good combination.

Higgins Sunburst Cockatiel plus Higgins Intune Conure Cockatiel pellets.

If you don’t want any sunflower seeds, Higgins Safflower Gold mixes well with the Higgins Intune pellets.

Chili and Barney eating on top of Chili’s birdcage ~ video

It’s best to introduce fresh veggies and fruit for breakfast to round out your ‘tiels diet.

Please let us know how your cockatiel is doing and if you see an improvement in feather coloration.



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