Greenwing macaw on top of a Caitec Large Macaw Carrier for Travel 17×30 with clouds in the background

Which Travel Carrier Do You Recommend for a Greenwing Macaw?

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Louie L. is looking for a macaw carrier

Do you recommend a travel cage for a greenwing macaw, in the car, and maybe a weekend camping trip size?

Any input will help thanks

Dear Louie

Nice that you want to bring your macaw with you when you camp, travel. They are family members too.

However, you do want to keep them safe and they are so big and so strong.

We do offer a couple of large bird carriers, but for a Green Wing, they may be considered a little small for more than a trip to and from the vet.

Caitec Large Macaw Carrier for Travel 17×30

I would recommend that you consider a large fold-up dog kennel as that would give you more space for the bird.

You may be able to locate one closer to home.




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