What’s the Best Way to Use PVC Pipe for a Parrot Playground?

What’s the Best Way to Use PVC Pipe for a Parrot Playground?

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Kricia U. asks:


Hello! What are your thoughts about this material for a blue and gold macaw, two sun conures, and a cockatiel?


Hi Kricia,


PVC is fine except for its slippery surface.


First, let’s watch this video.



Towards the end of the video – note, none of the birds are perching on PVC, they are all on “natural” surfaces.


The slippery PVC is counter-intuitive and unnatural because birds can not maintain a tight (secure) grasp on PVC.


Make PVC Better for Your Bird


That can be overcome by roughening the material with low number grit sandpaper (40 – 100).


You can also use Vet Wrap to improve your bird’s grip.


Vet Wrap can be used for any (smooth/plastic) perch inside or outside the birdcage.


Aside from the added traction, if you have any perch getting soiled, wrap it with vet wrap and replace the self-adhering tape every 1 – 3 days for a more sanitary environment.


Stay safe




Kricia U replied


Very much appreciated Mitch!!


Thank you for your detailed information and thank you for your time!





Mitch Rezman

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