When is Pet Bird Biting Tolerated?

When is Pet Bird Biting Tolerated?

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Biting is never acceptable.

That said there are “degrees of biting.”

What the hell does he mean by that?

You are your bird’s flock – right?

If your bird is lucky enough to have other feathered flock members, he/she communicates with their beak.

“Hey, I want some of that new food” tap with beak, tap with beak.

Well if you have feathers, that tap with a beak has little consequences as the bird never feels the beak upon its skin because of the many feathered layers.

If you’re a 72-year-old guy whose skin is getting thinner by the minute, the tap with beak, tap with beak. Breaks the skin, breaks the skin.

Which requires me to sit at my desk at night with a tube of Triple Anti-Biotic ointment hastening the healing of said bite marks.

Now you know.

Mitch Rezman

Mitch Rezman

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