Why Does My Older Budgie Continually Fall Off His Perches?

Why Does My Older Budgie Continually Fall Off His Perches?

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Older rescued parakeet drops from perches many times a day and then climbs back up.


Avian Vet could not find a reason except that her feet are not very strong and her breastbone is small.


What else can we do for her?


Dear Bruce

So good you took the bird to your Avian vet. Birds are not easy to diagnose and sadly it is very much guesswork due to this.


Yes, they can do X-rays, blood tests, biopsies, and more. but due to the delicate nature of birds, often times the tests are more deadly to the bird than their illness.


So they use the best knowledge they have and if they are good Avian Vets, they will tell you, they just don’t know.


I am not an Avian Vet but this is my best guess. And I may be wrong.


Your rescued older parakeet. It could have been kept in a too-small cage much of its life and fed mainly parakeet seed and water. 


This would contribute to ill health and the bird may have had a stroke. This will cause the bird to not be able to hang onto its perches as well as it should.


How Do Birds Sleep Standing on One Leg?


That the cage was so small, the bird did not fly and thus was unable to build up its muscles in its chest and upper body.


All resulting in an underdeveloped thinner body.


At this point, it would be kind to offer it perches that are easier to maneuver.


Consider the Small diameter Booda Comfy perches.


Put one 14″ small up high crossing a corner for bedtime.


Then add a small 21″ or 32″ one installed high and the other end snaked down to cage toward food dishes, water dishes, toys.


The fabric perch will allow a better ability to hook in a nail tip for grip, over gripping with the claws on a hardwood perch.


I hope this helps.


Please let us know and we love pictures.




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