Why Does My Pionus Go Nuts When He Sees the New Shirt I Bought?

Why Does My Pionus Go Nuts When He Sees the New Shirt I Bought?

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Dear Janet

It is hard to tell why a bird doesn’t like a new hat or shirt we wear.

Was your Pionus a rescue? Did it come from another home before you had him? If so, he may have been traumatized by someone who wore something similar.

If you can avoid this terror by not wearing it around your bird. It is a kind thing to do.



Pink womans shirt with black wavy horizontal scary lines


I’ll jump in here and say I could see a bird misinterpreting those black horizontal lines as something sinister.



One of our employees came home from a manicure and all her birds freaked out.


It didn’t take long to figure out all she needed to do was wipe off $25 of neon green nail polish.


Remember birds see colors much differently than we do.




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  1. I tried a new headband, my Scarlett Macaw pulled it off, twice, wasn’t going for a third, they DON’T LIKE CHANGE

  2. Check for UV. Had the same problem after a high-end hair coloring job that included “brighteners” in the organic/non-toxic ingredients. Check my look with a UV light we keep for antiquing, and I glowed like a candle.

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